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Mormonism, Evangelicism and Chaos Theory

Eroding Evangelical Creedance

No my gelly followers, you aren’t losing your creeds.

From my conversations with some of you, your loyalty to post-biblical creeds is still stronger than death.

What I wanted to talk about is the things Evangelicals do to lose their trust in Mormon eyes.

Sam B posted over at Mormon Matters:

I was at church one time when a couple teenagers from a local evangelical church came in during fast and testimony meeting and went up to the stand. Apparently they started talking anti-Mormon stuff (I was like 8, so I likely wasn’t really paying attention to what they were saying; in any event, I don’t remember exactly what it was). The bishop got up, put his arm around the kid, and kindly led him away. (Again, I don’t remember if it was in the middle of the kid’s remarks or at the end.)
Of course, it turns out they were put up to it by their pastor. It further turns out their church met in a city-owned building. And it turned out the mayor was in our ward (maybe that’s common in the Mormon corridor, but it’s relatively uncommon in California). It didn’t happen again.

This brought up ThomasB’s reminiscing:

“Sam B.s post reminded me of when I was a Bishop and had an evangelical teen come and “minister” during testimony meeting. Most of what he said was harmless but when he told the congregation that they did not have to be baptized the “natives” were becoming restless. I let him know he needed to close at that point and thankfully he did. If we would have refused I would have had him removed physically or anyone else who decided that they were going to make the ward pulpit theirs for their own position. Sacrament meeting is not an open forum for opinion.”

So here’s my point. Like any other group, for Mormons, it is very easy to be distrustful of the other. When Evangelical groups insist on defending behavior like this, they lose creedance. We trust you less. Now, if your purpose is merely patting yourselves on the back and making yourselves look “more spiritual”, then mission accomplished. But if your true purpose is to glorify God, you’re sorely lacking.

Seriously, Evangelicals. Learn something from the muslims who don’t denounce terrorism. Renounce war, proclaim peace, and speak the truth in love, for a change.


September 24, 2009 - Posted by | Religion

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