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Wars against Cultural Mormonism: “Gratitude”

“We should just focus on our blessings. Our blessings outweigh our suffering.”

This Cultural Philosophy has done more to damage my spirituality than any other I’ve heard. It is not healthy to hear “Your problems don’t matter.” Because, in the end, we are saying, “You don’t matter.”

Additionally, looking at others suffering, and realizing one doesn’t have the same extent of problems as others doesn’t mean we should feel blessed. Sure, it’s a good reality check, but true happiness isn’t built on comparing ones “blessings” to another’s misfortunes.

True gratitude doesn’t require ignoring the bad in our lives. True gratitude encompasses an acknowledgment of the good and the bad. Hearing that I had to ignore the bad (or say the bad didn’t matter because of the good) did not help. And it drove a wedge in my spiritual relationship with God. This wedge was forged, placed, and fostered by cultural Mormonism. So for heaven’s sake. Acknowledge your blessings, acknowledge your trials, and don’t feel like you have to “fake it.”


September 22, 2009 - Posted by | Religion

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