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Bad Sacrament Meeting Talk I

I’ve decided, that when people say stupid and inappropriate things in church, instead of keeping it to myself, and letting it bug me, I’m going blog about it, hopefully embarress the person, and then let it go.

Idiot I. “I’m confident if Jesus was here in sacrament meeting, He wouldn’t be coming late, or leaving early.”

Um, it’s very possible that if Jesus was coming to our Sacrament meeting, He would stop off at all of the inactive members that He loves so much and bring them Church with Him. Heck, He might never even arrive.

An ironic twist occured when I found out that this same individual, after giving such a sweeping condemnation to anyone who arrived “late” for any reason, left church early to go to a party (on a Sunday) up in Chicago. Normally, I wouldn’t judge someone for that, and I don’t judge the person who went with him, I just found it slightly hypocritical to condemn others for being late and the same day he leaves church early to go “party”.

Then we had a talk on the importance of Institute. One of the things we were told is that “the most important purpose of institute was to make us better fathers and mothers.” My mind immediately turned to the fact that almost excluseively, anyone who get’s married out of our ward fails to go to institute classes.

I was able to think of at least seven couples who had recently gotten married, all of whom refused to take an institute class here.

Now, I’m really just questioning the supposed fact that Institute is supposed to help us learn to be better Father’s and Mother’s, yet apparently, you’re more likely to get married (at least in our ward) if you don’t attend Institute classes. It seems that, instead of trying to force single people to go to institute, they should be forcing the married people under 30, those with and without kids, and telling them, “You need to be better parents”. Maybe, you can let us have the time for socializing instead?

I don’t even think the speaker was trying to setup a strict equality of attendance and marriage. But it does seem interesting that there is an apparent anti-correlation.

Now I breathe, and let it go…


August 30, 2009 - Posted by | Religion


  1. I think he would be visiting & healing the sick & infirm, per the New Testament & 3 Nephi.

    Comment by Mike H. | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  2. I taught institute. Does that count? Come to think of it, I attended institute some before I got married, so maybe I got the benefit that way. 🙂

    What was the person’s source for the “purpose of institute” quotation?

    Comment by Tomchik | August 31, 2009 | Reply

  3. I attended an Institute class in Washington state for 7 months back in 2000 and another one at the Orem UVSC Institute during the summer of 2004. I don’t remember either class imparting any skills on me which would make me a better mother. The first one I enjoyed and the second one was a chore, though the I liked the teacher in each one.

    Comment by Bridget Jack Meyers | August 31, 2009 | Reply

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