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Mormonism, Evangelicism and Chaos Theory

Why Scorpions?

I recently told Jack, the reason I chose a scorpion for an avatar: namely, they emphasize my charitable personality.

I’m thankful to my friend Jeff who taught me to learn to appreciate scorpions. We built special UV flashlights so we could go search for them in the deserts of Utah on New Moons. In case you didn’t know, all scorpions fluoresce bright green under UV illumination. You can catch them with tweezers if you aren’t brave. And feed them with crickets. They’re awesome pets.

They require no petting, like to be left alone, and anyone who annoys them gets a little sting. Oh, and in a death match, Scorpion beats black widow, which beats 4″ spider.


August 23, 2009 - Posted by | Religion

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