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The Jack Clause

So earlier, Tomchik introduced the concept of the Jack Clause . This is like the Santa Clause but not nearly as benevolent. Just kidding.

Essentially, Tom’s point was maybe that

So I guess He’ll either tell you to join Mormonism (in this life or the next) or there will be some sort of “Jack clause” that we don’t know about yet that will get you into the CK. After all, what more can one do than the will of God in his/her own life?

So following the example given by Brigham Young and Bruce McConkie, I’m going to engage in some wild speculation about why God would have such a clause. What it may entail, and who might be eligible for exaltation under the Jack Clause. I hope it’s fairly obvious from this OP that while parts of this may be heartfelt, for the most part it’s just wild speculation not supported at all by LDS canon. But it’s my hope.

What would the Jack Clause be? Well, I guess the reasoning is that, LDS believe that a person should do whatever God tells them to do. So if someone doesn’t receive an answer to join, or a “no answer” and the LDS faith is the only authorized Church, how could they really have received no answer or a “no” answer.

Some have postulated that Jack does good for the LDS church. I mean, I’m doubtful that there are many Evangelicals who understand Mormonism as well as she does. I mean, she’s had a couple of years of a immersion program where she has to learn about tolerating Mormonism. Of course, I still think she has a lot to go, but she really try’s to challenge her pre-conceived notions. For these efforts, I think she’s more of a scholar than an apologist.

So maybe God’s giving the Evangelicals a really good example to follow, and will tell her: “Well done thou good and faithful servant. Thou hast fulfilled the plan I had for you, and been a valiant example.”

Maybe God wants Mormons to see the example of this devout Evangelical, who isn’t currently a member of the fluffy bunny nice-nice club. (She’s pretty open that she used to be).

Maybe God wants Mormons & Evangelicals to see her example as a scholar, willing to look at biblical studies with at least a somewhat open mind.

Maybe God thought her “Polygamy Jesus” thread was funny. (I didn’t, FTR.)

Maybe one only has to marry a Mormon.

Maybe, if you have made LOLCatz skilz U get a get into the CK free card.

In any case, there are a number of Evangelicals I hope to see by means of the Jack Clause.


August 1, 2009 - Posted by | Religion


  1. I like Jack’s idea of “Polygamy Jesus.” It’s a great send-up of the painting she used, tieing in early LDS polygamy, and Brigham Young’s assertion that Jesus was a polygamist during his mortal life.

    There are plenty of ways to interpret LDS-themed paintings and magazine cover art, especially outside of the Utah-LDS mind-set.

    For instance, this cover of the October 2007 Ensign, in the eyes of many LDS folks, portrays a couple going to the temple with their temple clothing bags.

    However, to those outside of Utah, or to non-LDS, those look like overnight bags, as if they’re going to a motel. In that case, the broad grin on the man might indicate he thinks he’s going to “get lucky.”

    It sometimes cracks me up that the pure-hearted people who designed and photographed that cover likely didn’t consider that there would be a worldly interpretation of that picture.

    Comment by Bookslinger | August 2, 2009 | Reply

    • Yeah Book,
      Like when I told my friends about singles wards.
      He thought, an entire congregation dedicated to hooking up, how awesome. I said, yeah, but you have to get married to them “Fore-ever” first. I’m tired of the meat market mentality, no more.

      Hope you’re enjoying this pleasant weather in the MW. I’ve been enjoying having the temperatures where I’m from in Oregon being some 20 degrees higher than it is here in C-U, IL.

      Comment by psychochemiker | August 2, 2009 | Reply

  2. About a week ago, I had a pleasant visit with my neighborhood Jehovah’s Witnesses. After agreeing with their message against racism, they offered me their literature. I said that I would be glad too if they took a Book of Mormon or something similar from me. They politely declined.

    I ended telling them that I admired their courage and persistence in sharing what they believe. I wished them good as they left. If they can persuade someone to live a better life by being a devoted Jehovah’s Witness, good on them.

    That said, I have complete trust that the LDS church is the only true and living church on the face of the whole earth. I believe that the Jack clause applies to all the honest in heart. That do their best and when they don’t they get up and then keep on keepin’ on. The grace of the Lord will cover all their sins.

    I believe the Lord is working among men in more ways than we can imagine.

    Comment by Rich Alger | August 26, 2009 | Reply

  3. […] to be. They have anothe role, another purpose. It’s All God’s Plan (TM). See also: The Jack Clause for this same idea with one of our favorite commenters, […]

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