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The 11th Commandment

So, once in a organic chemistry class (the bane of every dentist’s and doctor’s undergraduate career), the professor was trying to impart some wisdom to us. he did this directly after a test, one in which many of the students forgot to attribute some chemistry thing to hydrogen bonding. I don’t remember how it came about, but eventually, he was telling us us about the 11th commandment, which was “Always remember hydrogen bonding.” immediately, he corrected himself, “Actually, no, the 11th commandment is, “Thou shalt not take thyself too damn seriously, and the 12th is, always remember hydrogen bonding.”

Well, I have an example of some Mormons taking themselves too damn seriously. (FTR, damn is as far on the swearing threshold I’ll allow. Transgress and you’ll find yourself quickly censored).

I saw some evidence on facebook of some deriding Obama for drinking beer with Gates and Crowley. Now I’m firmly convinced the Word of Wisdom is wisdom, and that the Lord wants the Church to enforce it, and He wants all of use to teach this to others. But I also am firmly convinced that He doesn’t want us judging members or non-members who don’t follow the Word of Wisdom. While one may expect Church members to know better, is it really wise to judge non-Mormons who haven’t covenanted via baptism to keep this commandment?

I think all people should avoid getting drunk, as their moral responsibility. But Mormons need to recognize that they are only 1.6% of the population. While there is some percentage of practicing Muslims in America, the vast majority of Americans have no moral-problem drinking small amounts of alcohol. Sure, some are addicts, and sure it’s a waste of time and money, but for the vast majority of Americans it is an accepted given that they will all drink and will do so socially.

I’m no fan of Obama; I’m no fan of him using his bully-pulpit when he admits he knows nothing of the facts. I’m also no fan of drinking. I’ve never had a sip, and the alcohol in vanilla extract in frosting doesn’t count. I think people are too reliant on alcohol for their social interactions. But I just think some Mormons need to learn to not take themselves so seriously.


August 1, 2009 - Posted by | Religion

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